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The idea of Jannat Medicare Hospital was conceived by Dr. Mushtaq Chaudhry - the experienced healthcare professional. His objective is to provide international standard medical care to the people of Khanewal (Punjab - Pakistan).

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OPD at JMC is testimony to it's popularity among those seeking expert opinion & medical treatment.

In Door

JMC admits patients, 24/7 Trained Staff for care of postnatal patients & for other patients are present.


Our trained staff undertake all pediatric & adult emergencies & provide life saving services.

Operation Theatre

JMC is the leading hospital with state-of-the-art, fully equipped, int. standards operation theatres.


A full service clinical & anatomic pathology laboratory dedicated to provide diagnostic excellence.


JMC has a trusted Radiology services that help in fully diagnose the disease & plan the treatment.

Qomi Sehat Card

Dear Citizen, If you are eligible as per 8500 SMS, you can avail hospital services from JMC by showing your CNIC/B-Form.



We're pleased to announce that JMC now provides free health care sevices under "Qomi Sehat Card / Sehat Sahulat Program". Now every Pakistan having CNIC can avail the health services free of cost. For details please Contact Us

Best Features

JMC will help
You to Feel Comfort

Hospital Admission Procedure includes preparation of admitting patient, perform admission procedure, emergency admission, Routine admission, transfer in and discharge. Nurses need to follow strict protocol regarding admission and discharge in the hospital.

We tried to make


Our team will welcomes you at the reception section & guides you with complete procedure.

Medical Checkup

The concerned doctor will do thorough checkup & explains further sitution.

Dedicated Care

Whatever the doctor advises after checkup - surely you will feel a dedicated support.

Static Data

Following is the Static Data of JMC - Continously getting updates

Patients Treated
Surgeries Performed
Radiology Reports

Doctors Team

The medical profession is considered a noble profession all over the world. Doctors at JMC are our frontier soldiers who are present 24/7 for serving humanity.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. How do I make an appointment? ?
Appointments are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis with respect to urgency and your medical condition. To schedule an appointment please give us a call using the contact details below. Using our automated phone system, you may then either enter your desired extension or speak with one of our helpful support staff members and they will be glad to guide you through the appointment process.
02. Where is JMC located?
JMC is located near DHQ or Civil Hospital Khanewal. We have a large self-park lot located on the premises and also offer 24-hour valet service to all of our patients at a small fee. Should you or your patient require assistance upon arrival we suggest you use the valet service and we will be glad to supply wheelchairs, rolling beds, or any other equipment required to help reach your destination within the hospital.
03. Can I make an appointment online?
We are happy to announce that our online appointment system have been launched. YES! You can make online appointments by visiting "Appointments" page.
04. What do I need to bring with me to the hospital?
All patients should bring their ID cards, any previous medical records or reports, and a list of any medications you may be taking. Should you have any further documentation regarding your condition we ask that you please bring this as well. The more information we can receive the better we will be able to help guide you and create a treatment plan.
05. How to find a specific doctor at JMC?
To find a doctor please use our doctor search tool located on the main page. You may also view our complete doctor list at the same page.
06. What services do you offer?
JMC Hospital offers the complete spectrum of medical services. To view our full service list please visit the services overview page.
07. What are the charges for a specific service?
JMC Hospital has a uniform pricing policy for all the patients who approach the hospital for their treatment / procedures along with an integrated software system for billing purposes and pricing policy is fixed through this system by the management. No individual operator can apply different charge for the same hospital service provided to two different patients. Tariff is made available for patients on verbally basis, however if patient requires a hard copy, it may be provided upon the patient request. The tariff is available with all operators in the system. They can print this tariff.
08. Can visitors come with patient to JMC?
In Patient Rooms, only one attendant and one visitor are allowed to stay with the patient at a time. While in the Wards, only one attendant/visitor is allowed to stay with the patient at a time. Our patients’ ability to protect themselves from germs and disease is compromised. Exposure to additional illness may complicate the healing process and place them at risk.

Hospital Schedule

We try to make as much flexible shedule of JMC as possible. So that patients do not face any kind of problem. Check the the details below!


From Monday to Saturday, following schedule is followed!

  • 9am to 10pm
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On Friday following shedule is followed

  • 9am-12pm & 2pm-10pm
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On Sunday following shedule is followed

  • 10am-9pm
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Qomi Sehat Card - Sehat Sahulat Program

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